At-Risk Youth Athletic/The Arts Sponsorship Program
Many parents struggle to meet the daily needs of their children, with very little if any funds available for extracurricular activities, making participation a dream for most. For many of these children the lack of resources to participate in extracurricular activities, will lead to spending time on neighborhood streets, lower self-esteem, being bullied or bullying. Studies have shown there are many positive benefits for a child’s involvement in extracurricular activities, such as; increased self-esteem, better grades, and being positive role models for siblings and their peers. Through our program, we hope to educate the children to make better choices, empower them towards better self-esteem, and encourage them to become positive members within the community.

The program is open to at-risk/low-income youth, 6-17 years of age, who are residents of Rutherford County. A Sponsorship may cover partial or all fees/supplies for a sport/activity within a season or 12 month period; sponsorship is awarded on a first come basis and available until allocated funds for that year are exhausted. Activities can be through city/county leagues, private businesses or individual instruction. A few qualifying activity examples are dance, karate, band, softball, basketball, football, and track.

If your child or a child you know is interested and qualifies, you may download required documents from bullet list. Before contacting us for submission, please make sure all the following documents are complete, and in hand;

  • Child age-appropriate essay ~ Instructions for the essay are on the requirements page

  • Application

  • Requirements Page

  • Waiver of Liability, Essay, & Photo Release Form

  • Proof of Child’s current GPA of a “C” or equivalent.

  • Proof of Government assistance or hardship accepted items examples; D.H.S. printout, school letter stating your child is on free or reduced lunch, letter from social worker, current YTD pay-stub or proof of unemployment benefits.

  • Complete information and cost of the activity for which your child is applying.

  • Two letters of recommendation from a community leader, e.g. pastor, principal, mentor, teacher, or coach
Once all documents are complete, please email your contact name and phone number to, Please allow 24-48 hours for someone to contact you and arrange for paperwork submission. If for any reason, you are unable to download the forms have additional questions or need assistance, please refer to Athletic/The Arts FAQ page or email us at Thank you!

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