Athletic and The Arts Sponsorship F.A.Q.’s
  • Who is eligible for the sponsorship?
    Resident children of Rutherford County that are 6 – 17 years old, receiving government assistance, or with a family hardship. Verification of Government assistance or hardship is required.

  • When is registration open?
    Registration is open year round until allocated funds are exhausted. If all funds are exhausted, registration closes, and a notice will post to the Athletic/The Arts Sponsorship information page. Funds are limited, and awarded on a first come basis.

  • What sports or activities are eligible for the sponsorship?
    A few examples are football, baseball, softball, soccer, music lessons, art, dance, gymnastics, golf, track, color guard, karate or band. Participating activities must be through schools, local leagues, private individuals or local businesses offering instruction for qualifying activities.

  • Will I receive the money directly?
    No, all fees will be paid directly to the individual, organization or facility where the child is participating in the sport/activity.

  • What is included in sponsorship?
    Partial or complete cost for participation in activity, including enrollment fee, supplies or equipment required, per child, per year.

  • Will my Child’s sponsorship renew automatically each year?
    No, you will need to reapply, and resubmit paperwork each year.

  • How long will my child receive Sponsorship? 
    For either a seasonal or year-round activity your child will receive one sponsorship in a 12-month period. It will include the partial or complete cost of lessons/instruction, equipment, fees and supplies. Sponsorship depends on the availability of funds at the time your child applies, cost of the activity for which your child is applying, and is awarded on first come basis.

  • What is the deadline for paperwork submission?
    No later than 8 weeks prior to start of activity for which you are applying.

  • Where can I obtain required forms?
    All forms are available for download on the Athletic/The Arts Sponsorship information page.

  • Can I apply for more than one of my children?

  • Where do I submit required forms?
    Please contact us via email to arrange submission.

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