About The Brittany Project

The Brittany Project was founded in loving memory of our daughter Officer Brittany Maxwell. She was dedicated to helping the less fortunate in the communities where she patrolled. Those who truly knew Brittany’s heart would tell you she had a passion to lift others up, wanting them to experience the special things in life.

Brittany was stationed in The Franklin Heights Housing Projects, where she was a member of the C.O.P.S. unit. The purpose of the unit was for Officers to know the families on a personal level, while building a rapport and mutual respect. Brittany started her Christmas tree program after she was inspired by a young child in The Franklin Heights community, who told her he was not excited about Christmas because only rich people have trees. With the love Brittany had for Christmas, a child not experiencing the simple joy of a Christmas tree was unacceptable. After compiling her list of families in need, she asked family, friends and co-workers to donate trees.

Unfortunately, she passed away before the project was complete. We, her family & friends decided to take on her project and named it “The Brittany Project” in her honor.

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