Currently, The Brittany Project has two primary community programs; our At-Risk Youth Athletic and The Arts Sponsorship, and our Annual Christmas Tree Donation Drive Program. In addition, funds permitting we work with other local non-profits, providing resources to the elderly and homeless within the community. Learn More or Donate Now.
Brittany Maxwell was a vibrant young Police Officer with the Murfreesboro Police Dept.,stationed at the Franklin Heights Housing complex where she served as a COPS Officer. Inspired by a young child who said Christmas trees were only for rich people, she started the Christmas Tree Project so families could have a tree who normally wouldn’t have one. Unfortunately, she passed away before the project was complete. Her family & friends have decided to take on her project and named it “The Brittany Project” in her honor. The Brittany Project hands out fully decorated trees to Families that might not have or have not ever had a Christmas Tree.
Mission Statement
The purpose of The Brittany Project Brittany Maxwell is to Educate, Empower and Encourage those who struggle with low self-esteem issues, resulting from circumstances involving: child-hood or work-related bullying, dysfunctional or abusive backgrounds, economic status and physical appearance. This will be achieved by offering those in need moral support through assigned mentors, while also meeting basic physical needs to those with low income.The Brittany Project will also host an annual Christmas tree delivery program for underprivileged families.
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Also, please see our writeup from News 2: Officer’s mission to give Christmas trees to kids continues after her death

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We are currently accepting applications for our At-Risk Youth Athletic/The Arts Sponsorship Program. For more information or to apply, click on the link beneath Project Highlights.

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Moving Forward

The vision of The Brittany Project moving forward is to continue the annual Christmas tree program, while expanding to help with other day-to-day needs within the Community that we know were also close to Brittany’s heart. As she knew, and we have seen, there is a need for those in the community that are suffering with self-esteem issues resulting from bullying, dysfunctional backgrounds, economic and physical appearance.

With all the available resources, there are still individuals not receiving the help needed to empower them to overcome adversities, meet basic physical or emotional needs. A few examples of how The Brittany Project can meet those needs are, mentoring children/adults, supporting underprivileged kids in extracurricular activities, food, clothing, school supplies, or other financial & emotional support. In areas where The Brittany Project is not qualified, or financially able to assist, we will guide those individuals to the proper resources.

The Brittany Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donations may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

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